A historic anniversary

This is no normal year for Grupo Peñarroya. The arrival of 2016 serves as a reminder that a very important date for the company is on the horizon, as it is not every day that you turn 50. It is incredible that 50 years have already passed since 1966, when Cristóbal Peñarroya founded his first company, laying the groundwork for the group of companies we know today. It is an important time, that encompasses an entire life’s work, but it has flown by given the company’s action packed approach to business, full of projects, innovative ideas, new business lines, employees and friends.

This year represents a milestone to Grupo Peñarroya, as we are celebrating our 50th birthday. That is why we hope this year sees an exchange of ideas with other companies, in which we share knowledge, celebrations and support Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in which we believe.

In addition, they reflect our desire to raise awareness of our companies amongst all our interest groups. In changing times, our constant values have inspired us to take a pioneering stance in terms of a responsible approach to business. It is thanks to them that we are entitled to feel proud of our group and are demanding in terms of our goal of creating brands with which people can identify.

Anniversary events

01 Sponsorships and collaborations at tourism and corporate responsibility events.

02 Events organised by the company based on tourism innovation and responsible management of people within the Family Responsible Company framework

03 Nominations for awards in areas such as corporate history, professionalism and working practices

The objective of Grupo Peñarroya on its 50th anniversary is to share its experience, history and knowledge of residential and holiday tourism with local stakeholders and the business world, in addition to renewing our commitment to society and the surrounding environment. Over the course of the year, we will be rolling out a range of actions in different fields, divided into three main topics.