Our history

Grupo Peñarroya started life as a company dedicated to the real estate sector; initially the group was both the developer and constructor of our projects. However, later down the line, we abandoned the construction sector to focus solely on real estate developments.

Emblematic properties

The success and position of Grupo Peñarroya within the business community can be seen in the emblematic real estate developments spread across Malaga and the Costa del Sol, from Torremolinos to Marbella.
Today, we can proudly boast that Grupo Peñarroya has placed 30 real estate and residential developments into operation, made up of more than 4,500 properties over the course of its 50 years of experience.
 Not to mention the rest of our portfolio, such as shopping centres, offices, restaurants, travel agencies, sports centres, conference centres… which serve to complement our main developments.


years of experience


real estate developments


properties constructed

Pioneers in internationalisation

Whilst we always keep a close eye on the national market, given our involvement in the local community, we have made a special commitment to the international market.

We were pioneers in selling our products on the Costa del Sol to foreign markets. Our great accomplishments and successes in real estate development targeting foreign tourists resulted in almost all our sales being made in Scandinavia and the UK at the start of the 80s. As part of our marketing strategy, our commitment led to the implementation of an important marketing structure focussing on the sale of these properties. Our network of offices operated in a variety of different countries, with branches in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia and Japan in the 80s.


In light of Grupo Peñarroya’s business strategy, we have always been aware that the company could not be geared towards a single activity; therefore, diversification was essential to minimise hardship during the tough times experienced by the real estate sector in our country.

An example of this strategy was the inauguration of the Benalbeach complex, an enormous apartment complex of 1051 units, which we built and sold directly during the 80s.

Definitive step into hotels

Another important decision in this regard was to proceed fifteen years later with the opening of what has become our star attraction, the Holiday World complex, which is now at the heart of Grupo Peñarroya.