Family values

  • Vision

  • Compromiso

  • Cercanía

  • Responsabilidad social

  • Esfuerzo

  • Integridad

The Group’s corporate values drive the way in which we do business and our approach to operations and management. Furthermore, our businesses ensure that employees are aware of and identify with the Grupo Peñarroya values, thus ensuring that they serve to guide us all and so that we undertake our work in a professional and honest manner. These values reflect the way in which our team is expected to conduct themselves at work.

In addition, they reflect our desire to raise awareness of our companies amongst all our interest groups. In changing times, our constant values have inspired us to take a pioneering stance in terms of a responsible approach to business.

It is thanks to them that we are entitled to feel proud of our group and are demanding in terms of our goal of creating brands with which people can identify.

Our staff are entrusted with the reputation of our companies; we expect them to wholeheartedly commit to our shared values and ethical leadership, which are central to the success of our business.


A particularly important value for our group, especially given the diversification and consolidation of its businesses. As a result, our organisation is firmly focussed on the future, meaning that our proposals are always a safe bet.

Vision in our operations, with our staff, suppliers and partners.


A value that we implement on a daily basis as part of our projects and business decisions. To this end, we expect and appreciate that all individuals that form part of our family company demonstrate high levels of commitment, meaning that our team is highly engaged and very loyal.

Commitment to our staff, suppliers and clients.    


This value is to be expected of our group, given that we are a family business. One of the advantages of togetherness is the ability to resolve problems quickly and thus minimise bureaucracy. Another is the support available at difficult times, which translates into greater levels of trust.

We seek to ensure Togetherness with our staff, clients and suppliers.

Social responsibility

This value is anchored in the collaborative spirit with everyone around us. To this end, Social Responsibility is an aspect that the company, since its foundation, has treated as a core premise to set out the future of the business. We have a duty to the society in which we live and we are sensitive to its problems.

Commitment to our staff, suppliers and clients.        



This value can be seen in our daily struggle to meet the goals that we set ourselves and overcome obstacles in our path to give the best of ourselves. Constant efforts help us to identify business opportunities that help our company to improve and grow year after year.

Effort on a daily basis to resolve incidents, difficulties and to ensure personal growth.


An essential value to build a team that commits, identifies with and trusts in our life plan. To this end, we strive in our constant search for highly qualified professionals.

Our work consists of transferring our values and having our employees embrace them, so that they can be cascaded throughout the organisation as the only possible way of attaining our goals. We are indebted to them as they are the best vehicles through which we transfer our desires and as they make our dreams a reality.

Integrity with our team and all our interest groups.