Holiday World permanecerá abierto en invierno

Holiday World will remain open in winter

The Holiday World hotel resort has announced that it will remain open throughout the winter, thanks to sales work that it has been developing over several years. Cristóbal Peñarroya’s hotel resort has for several years been working on selling to new markets and sectors that will allow it to extend its opening schedule and remain open during the winter months....

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The Peñarroya Group successfully completes its second 50th anniversary business forum entitled “Affectionate business, effective business”

As part of its programme of events organised to mark its 50th anniversary, the Peñarroya Group has successfully completed its second business forum. This forum was named “People Management. Affectionate business, effective business”, and it showcased one of the features that has identified the group over the past fifty years; the importance of people and the value of human teams in business organisations.     The forum, which enjoyed support from ESESA and Management Activo, was attended by...

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Peñarroya Group celebrates the “Digital Traveller” Business Forum

As part of events to mark its 50th anniversary, the Peñarroya Group is running an extensive programme of activities, including three business forums to showcase the main trends and some of the main challenges faced by hotel companies.   The Peñarroya Group is taking advantage of this occasion to invite entrepreneurs, institutions and professionals from the province of Málaga to exchange ideas and impressions to help build better businesses. Furthermore, the group wanted to attract well known speakers from the worlds...

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Peñarroya Group honoured by the Málaga Palacio hotel on its 50th anniversary

On the 25th of October, the AC Málaga Palacio hotel, currently associated with the North American company Marriott, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a luxury gala ball on the establishment’s emblematic terrace, located on the 15th floor, attended by more than 500 guests.   This event forms part of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the hotel, which with this gala dinner wanted to acknowledge other companies and professionals that are also celebrating their 50th anniversary this...

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Peñarroya Group takes part in the TIC lunch with the mayor of Marbella

The Peñarroya Group was one of the companies attending the Marbella Tourism Initiatives Centre Members’ Lunch, held on 28 September at the Los Monteros Hotel SPA & Golf Resort at 1.30 in the afternoon. Also present was the mayor of Marbella, José Bernal.   The event was attended by numerous movers and shakers from the tourism sector and Costa del Sol entrepreneurs, such as the Founder of the Peñarroya Group, Cristóbal Peñarroya, who attended accompanied by the President, Pepa Peñarroya, and the...

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Entrevista Vida Económica Grupo Peñarroya

Interview with Vida Económica: Grupo Peñarroya 50 years

Grupo Peñarroya celebrates 50 years To mark the occasion, Vida Económica interviewed the four sisters who represent the second generation of the Group. Pepa, Ana María, Marifrancis and Mónica are the daughters of entrepreneur Cristóbal Peñarroya, who despite having handed over the reigns, refuses to stop working. “His hobby is his company”, they assert. We met at the sales offices of Reserva de Marbella, in Cabo Pino, to discuss the past, present but most importantly,...

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Grupo Peñarroya patrocina el IV Foro Empresarial “Nuevos retos, nuevos escenarios”

Grupo Peñarroya sponsors the 4th Business Forum: “New challenges, new scenarios”

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Grupo Peñarroya, we are organising a wide-reaching programme that seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas with other companies, based on the transfer of knowledge and support for Corporate Social Responsibility causes developed by our Group. En el marco de dicho programa de celebraciones de su 50 aniversario, Grupo Peñarroya ha patrocinado el IV Foro Empresarial “Nuevos retos, nuevos escenarios”, una interesante jornada de dinamización empresarial centrada en las...

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