Mission and vision

Grupo Peñarroya is an organisation made up of family businesses, driven by performance and guided by values. This business group has a goal to achieve: profitability and prestige both at home and abroad. We assume a high level of responsibility in terms of our employees, the surrounding environment and local society.


Grupo Peñarroya’s mission is to establish itself in a leadership position within the tourism and leisure sector both nationally and internationally.

To this end, Grupo Peñarroya is strongly committed to offering a distinguished, high-quality service linked to responsible actions and our honest way of doing business. As a result, we hope to set the benchmark both in Spain and overseas in the tourism and leisure sector, in addition to safeguarding the success of our business.


The main vision of Grupo Peñarroya is sustainable growth within the Costa del Sol, committed to diversification through its businesses targeting leisure, sport and sectors related to the health and well-being of the elderly (health tourism and senior residences), searching for clients, for the large part, abroad.

Grupo Peñarroya strives to ensure that its businesses are run in a professional manner, thus making it possible for them to experience low-risk growth whilst remaining a family group.